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A Poem on Psalm Four written by Pastor Ann Springate

Psalm Four

The Safety of the faithful


You hear me when I call, O God

My righteousness, my shield my rod
You have relieved me from distress
With mercy cleared away my mess


Despite the ways of wicked men
Who try to shame time and again
Who love the world and all its sin
Who lie and cheat and pay to win

I know O Lord You’ve set apart

Those that give You their whole heart
You say to me when I call

Be angry, but don’t sin at all

I meditate within my heart

Although I only know in part

That You are my true righteousness
I trust in You my soul You bless


There are many who will say
“Who will help us find the way?”
Lord, You lift Your light to see

Your countenance shines gloriously

There’s gladness in my heart from You
The world is false but You are true

I can lie down in peace to sleep
 O Lord my safety you shall keep