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CVC 400

Christian Victory Centre is a church where everybody is somebody, and all are welcome.
Our belief is that a foundation for a changed life and a strong Christian walk is a constant personal relationship with Jesus through a revelation from His Word. Our services are filled with the presence of God and as they say, anything can happen and it probably will.



Christian Victory Centre proclaims Jesus Christ, as head of the church and the manifested Word of God, our goal is to teach the Word of God through God's Grace with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied to peoples everyday lives in a practical and effective manner; thereby transforming those seeking, into new created beings, and those who are new beings, into people who do not look for a move of God, but are a move of God in every area of their lives.


Through the gifts of the church (ministering, preaching, teaching, prophecy) we believe in developing strong Spirit filled and Spirit led people, who know their purpose in life, and can fulfil their place in the establishing and building of the kingdom of God on earth though sound biblical teaching. By understanding God through His Word and personal fellowship we can all reach our purpose God has for us. Everyone has a call of God on their life and a gift (be it one or more). Every person should know and understand what their call is, and for them to develop the one or more gifts they have by, Teaching, Discipleship, Love, Encouragement, Being needed/wanted, Being part of the team, Fun and fellowship.